Golden Retriever Dies In The Care Of Petco Groomers

Golden Retriever Dies In The Care Of Petco Groomers

Sophia Gioiello

What started as an average day taking care of household errands, ended in horror for one Virginia woman.

Allison Marks told ABC News she is contemplating legal action against Petco after she states her 2-year-old Golden retriever died while in the care of the nation-wide pet store.

She dropped off Colby, her loyal companion, at Petco for grooming services and was told they would be finished around noon.

Marks continued on with her busy day, but began to worry when she had yet to hear from the store by 1 p.m. She called Petco and they directed her to go to a local animal clinic.


Photo courtesy of Allison Marks & ABC News

Marks walked into the veterinary office and saw her loving Colby sitting on the table with “glazed over” eyes. “They didn’t even tell me why I had to go there, just that one of the managers would meet me there,” she told ABC News. 

The Petco assistant manager told Marks they had given Colby a bath, which was followed by the drying unit. The 2-year-old Golden retriever died from heat stroke, with an internal temperature above 105 degrees. The assistant manager of Petco also claims the employee that was in charge of Colby left in a hurry to attend a graduation. Marks says, “I don’t know if they turned him over to another groomer and they dropped the ball or what.”


Photo courtesy of Allison Marks & ABC News

ABC News reports that Marks and Colby were truly soulmates after her husband passed away in 2011.

The heartbreaking story has been seen by millions over news broadcasting and social media. Petco released a statement about Colby and say they take full responsibility. As complete animal lovers, this touches us all at JumbleJoy and want to spread the awareness of this story. We must urge safety for all of our beloved pets.


Photo courtesy of Allison Marks & ABC News

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