Dog Dives Off a Cliff in Malta

Dog Dives Off a Cliff in Malta

Angela Markus

Sometimes a small and fearless dog can bring joy and smiles with a simple action. Dogs, like us, enjoy having fun. One dog in Malta showed a group of people that sometimes you just have to dive right in and not worry about what might happen.

It was a warm day in Malta, an island between Sicily and the North African coast. Locals and tourists had gathered around a cliff overlooking the ocean, enjoying the breeze and sunshine. The rock face stands a mere 20 feet above the water’s surface, enticing those nearby to dip into the cool ripples below. It is easy to see why this has become a popular place for diving and enjoying the refreshing ocean water.

A group of boys began doing back flips off the edge of the crag. Onlookers would clap and encourage the young men. Those watching included a small dog, a rat terrier. The cute black and white terrier seems to be intrigued as he watches the boys playing and swimming, his tail wagging and his tongue hanging out as he shows his smile to all those around him. He continues smiling and watching as he creeps closer to the edge of the cliff. He looks as if he is settling in to enjoy the view.

Another boy jumps, diving into the crisp, blue-green waters. The dog, perhaps envious of the enjoyable way the boys found to cool off, loses all fear and jumps off the cliff, diving in behind the young man. The dog lands beautifully into the water with a smile on his face.

The crowd laughs at the fearless pup. Someone on the opposite shore, enjoying the antics of the small swimmer, tosses in a water bottle. The dog does not miss a beat as he swims over, grabs the bottle, and holds his head up proudly as he swims to shore.

We can all appreciate this dog’s willingness to jump in and partake in the fun. Sometimes we just need a little fun in the sun with a smile on our face.

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