Dog Fetches Owner Beer After She Says She’s Had a Long Day

Dog Fetches Owner Beer After She Says She’s Had a Long Day

Angela Markus

If you have had the pleasure of owning a German Shepherd you know exactly how amazing these dogs are. There are natural protectors, adaptable and very intelligent. These loving dogs make excellent family pets also. These versatile companions can handle anything from a small city apartment to a vast ranch. But there is something else they can do, fetch a beer like no other.

Meet Baron, he has definitely proved himself to be man’s best friend when he retrieved a bottle of beer from the fridge for its owner. All he needs is a simple command.

Sitting on his porch, minding his business, Baron’s owner says, “Baron, I have had a long day.” The dog disappears for a couple of seconds and returns with a beer in his mouth. Unbelievable!

What makes this clip even funnier is the fact that Baron then brings his bowl to his owner, indicating that he is requesting some of the beer himself.

There are many people who debate whether cats or dogs make the better pets. I might have to admit, this is a good clip for those who argue on the side of dogs. I mean, can’t argue with a pet that brings you a beer.

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