Mom Burst Out Laughing When She Caught Her Daughter Doing THIS To Her Dog!

Mom Burst Out Laughing When She Caught Her Daughter Doing THIS To Her Dog!

Angela Markus

It is no surprise that little girls everywhere love to play dress-up and give makeovers. Usually, the person on the other end of the mani/pedi is Mom, Dad, sister, brother or Grandma and Grandpa. In this case, the one getting a manicure and pedicure is the family’s dog.

Doberman dogs are considered to be potentially dangerous and vicious. But this very threatening-looking Doberman is the perfect playmate. He seems to not mind getting his nails done by his adorable little friend.

You can see him sitting patiently as the girl paints the nails of his front paws in different colors. His facial expression is stern, but clearly this video shows a different, softer side of the breed, which is somewhat not known unless you own a Doberman. The video also shows a marvelous bond between this dog and the little beautician. It’s probably one of the most adorable things you’ll ever see.

If you have the pleasure of seeing your child and your dog grow together, you are sure to notice a bond that is indescribable. This video also discredits people who like to insist that certain breeds of dogs are naturally inclined to be vicious. There was a common misconception in the 1990s that Dobermans were barbarous similar to the belief of pit bulls today. Yet, here’s is a video of a Doberman exhibiting more patience with a child than an adult human.

We thank Mom for capturing such a beautiful moment that made our hearts warm and gave us a good chuckle or two. Too cute!

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