Denver The Dog Does Not Want to Take His Ear Medication

Denver The Dog Does Not Want to Take His Ear Medication

Angela Markus

Owning a pet is very rewarding, but if you’ve ever owned a cuddly, fur-ball of your own, you know just how much maintenance they require. Pets need their check-ups, food, medicine, surgery, grooming, and so much more. It’s no wonder why some pet owners perceive their companions as their children. Our pets can become our workout buddies, our stress relievers, and our bundle of laughter. They have our love, our attention, and our hearts.

Pets also make the best video subjects. Whether they’re bathing in the sink, playing dead, or just down right acting crazy, the memories they create on camera are some of the best to replay later in life.

The video is no exception. A dog owner reveals ear medicine to his beautiful lab, Denver. It’s no surprise that this pup is no fan of the medicine with that expressive look in his face. Denver makes the “McCheesy,” as the owner puts it, an irritated smile that practically screams, “Please! NO!”

There’s no telling why Denver isn’t a fan of the medicine, but I totally get why the owner would get this adorable episode on camera — it’s hilarious!

We all want our pets to be happy and healthy, and sometimes that comes along with a few adorable barriers along the way. Sorry Denver, health first!

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