When You See What They Build Under Their Stairs, You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

When You See What They Build Under Their Stairs, You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

Kendall Conners

Pets are so much more than just animals that happen to live in the same house as us. Our furry little companions are like children to us, we pamper and spoil them like we would our own kin.

So what’s any doting pet owner to do when their adorable little pup doesn’t have a little nook to call his own? Build one, of course!

Meet Jack, an adorable white fluffy Wheaten Terrier. Like most dogs, Jack needs his beauty rest and doesn’t function without his afternoon naps. He was good at scoping out little nooks throughout the house to sleep in, until one day his family decided to make a change.

Jack’s owner, Reddit user HeldatNeedlePoint, decided it was time Jack had a little nook he could settle down in and call his own. So, after looking up ideas on Pinterest and doing a little research, HeldatNeedlePoint was ready to begin construction.


They figured a den underneath the stairs would make a perfect little nook for Jack! It didn’t require any extra furniture or bulky dog beds in the house — it was the perfect little space he needed.

So, they started by slicing a cutout into the side of the wall.


Then, it was time to measure the doorway!


Just a few more measurements here and there.


A little bit more just for good … measure …


Now that that’s all taken care of – it’s time to build his fortress! They used pine tongue-and-groove boards for both the interior and exterior.


It’s already starting to feel like a home!


Now, it’s time to add some shingles! What would any good home be without a shingled roof?


Just a few more shingles, some white trim and the outside is complete!


With an exterior like that, what do you think the inside of his new home looks like? Awesome, of course! The inside has finished wood and fits Jack’s bed perfectly. 


Now THAT is one amazing little nook! They did an amazing job and I’m sure Jack loves it!


What do YOU think of this adorable nook/dog den? If I had the space (and dog) I’d totally do it too!

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