Dog Plays Hide-and-Seek With Kids Under Inflatable Pool

Dog Plays Hide-and-Seek With Kids Under Inflatable Pool

Angela Markus

Sometimes all dogs want to do is have fun. They are just like kids; they love to play! The party gets even better when there are kids playing too. Dogs just want to join in and have fun with them. It gets even better when you throw something inflatable in the mix. Just let this little guy show you.

In this fun-loving clip, the kids are out in the yard playing a game of hide and go seek. However, their dog wants to be part of the fun. The kids are hiding under an inflatable pool while their dog tries to find them. He had some difficulty at first, but watch what he does when he finds them hiding under the inflatable pool! Hilarious.

It seems like the pool is moving by itself, but it isn’t. It is the dog. He has an unbelievable knack to make everyone in his family laugh. Mom can’t help herself. Even more hilarious than the dog stealing the inflatable pool is the kids chasing after him to get it back.

Catch me if you can! The kids jump on the pool to trap the black Labrador. But luckily he was able to escape their clutches.

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