This Dog LOVES Waterslides!

Dog On Water Slide

This Dog LOVES Waterslides!

Bethany Burrows

Kids and dogs playing together go hand in hand, so it should be no surprise that Milo, a yellow Labrador retriever, decided to get in on the action when a group of children were playing on a giant inflatable water slide. 

The kids were all lined up waiting their turn when Milo came down the slide out of no where, making a splash at the bottom.  Just like one of the children, he finished his turn and immediately moved to go back up the slide. 

Milo doesn’t have the manners the children do though, and he started his journey up the inflatable steps by pushing a number of the children out of his way to give him better access.  The children obviously enjoyed the show as they line up behind him while he makes his climb. 

Milo’s trip took him longer than his two legged playmates, but unlike him, most of the children wait patiently behind him.  One child did get impatient and lobbed a water bottle at the dog, but thankfully there was a lot of bad aim and the child missed his target.  The child also got an immediate scolding, being told to leave the dog alone. 

Even the adults in the background were enjoying the show that Milo is putting on. They laughed at him and his love of the slide.  His owner, Dewayne Bergeron, stated on YouTube that the dog continued his play all day long. 

I can see why Milo would continue his play.  On a hot day most everyone would prefer to cool town in water than sit around and sweat.  Though with the speed Milo displays in going up and down that slide, I’m exhausted just watching him. 

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