Makeup Artist Paints Her Face To Look Exactly Like Her Dog

Makeup Artist Paints Her Face To Look Exactly Like Her Dog

Angela Markus

Many people love their pets, but how much do you want to look like them? Talented makeup artist Ilana Kolihnov pulled off another amazing makeup feat when she made herself look disturbingly similar to her pet Siberian Husky.

There are many makeup tutorials on the Internet especially with the rise of the YouTubers. But, Kolihnov’s skills with special effects makeup is unmatched. If you are not familiar with her work, a couple of months ago she turned herself into an alien. Spooky!

The talented 21-year-old has combined her love of makeup and contouring with her love of her adorable pet pooch, Aiibi, to create something freakishly mind-blowing. However, it isn’t really until the addition of those creepy husky eyes that the makeover swiftly goes from wow to scary.

I mean, the cold, dead stare of ice-blue husky eyes painted on someone’s eyelids might be a little terrifying, but a side by side view is uncanny.

If you want to make up as a husky, you will need face paint, and different brushes to complete the artistry. The tools are just as important as the ability to create such imagery. The most important ingredient is dedication to the mission of freaking out all of your friends. Imagine the look on their faces when you open the door this Halloween.

I have to wonder, what did Aiibi think of the whole thing?

What do you think of this exceptionally talented young woman?

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