Excited Chihuahua Meets His Baby Sister For The First Time

Excited Chihuahua Meets His Baby Sister For The First Time

Angela Markus

For those of you parents who have dogs, you probably can relate this clip. One of the most exciting moments in a dog owner’s life is having the dog meet his newborn human for the very first time. Like big brothers and sisters, you might be anxious as to how the dog will react, but most dogs seem to fall instantly in love with the baby and immediately become very protective of their tiny humans.

Meet Milo the Chihuahua! He is anxiously awaiting his owner and her brand new baby to come home from the hospital. Milo is extremely excited as he barks in anticipation. As mom and baby approach, he can’t help but dart through the home in lightning speed.

The sweet dog can only express his love the best way he knows how- with lots and lots of kisses! As mom watches from the side carefully, Milo tries offering the baby his toy. But it will be several months before the two will be playing together. He then offers a few more kisses.

Chihuahuas are fun-loving pets that are energetic, loving, and they make great watchdogs.

We can already tell that this baby is going to have a best friend in Milo.

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