Funny Little Dog Plays Dead When He’s Held By An Unwanted Guest

Funny Little Dog Plays Dead When He’s Held By An Unwanted Guest

Angela Markus

Many, if not most dog owners believe their furry little friend is the smartest canine around. This could be explained by the fact that smart means different things to different people. Some people tend to believe that an obedient dog is smart, or a very agreeable dog is intelligent, but any dog who can play dead in one person’s hand and come back to life in another is a genius in my book.

With his tongue hanging out and four paws stuck rigid in the air, this little dog gives a whole new meaning to the expression “scared stiff.” Jennie Kay Blair Ferguson from Mississippi filmed her father’s Chihuahua being picked up by another family member whom he apparently dislikes.

When he is picked up by Daniel, he immediately freezes and plays dead. As soon as he is returned to his owner, the pet springs back to life, performing a few animated barks in protest of the unwanted handler.

Ferguson is heard laughing in the background as she records the animal’s bizarre antics. That pooch should be on the big screen because his acting skills are impeccable. Ferguson also eluded to the inseparable bond between her father and his Chihuahua. Apparently, the animal “paces the floor when his owner goes somewhere and doesn’t take him.”


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