Dog Protects Baby From Vacuum

Dog Protects Baby From Vacuum

Jamaica Bravo

Talk about man’s best friend! Or should we say baby’s best friend?!

This pup loves his little human baby sister so much, that his first instinct when he hears a loud, potentially dangerous noise, is not to save himself, but to immediately go on the defensive and save the little one.

The video begins with infant and pup in the most adorable cuddle position in existence. The baby girl is laying on a pink cloth on the floor, waiting for a diaper change, and her furry best friend, is gently laying against her side and resting his chin across her chest. Already too cute, right?!

Mom and Dad must be cleaning the carpet, because they turn on a carpet cleaner, which emits a noise that this curious, protective little pup has clearly never heard before. Of course, he knows it’s mom and dad sitting calmly right next to this strange monster, so he trots over to investigate.

At first, the precious furball seems appeased by Mom and Dad’s calm demeanor and comforting voices, and does nothing but sniff around. But as soon as the monster starts roaring again, just watch his alarm! He immediately leaves Mom and Dad and dashes over to the baby girl, laying down on the opposite side of her as before. It’s clear he wants to make sure he is perfectly positioned between her and this orange and black monster, so no matter what, he can protect her!

Looks like he’s going to run off behind the couch and save himself instead. But nope, those protector instincts kick in, and he rushes right back to the baby, and lays on top of her with his entire body. “You Shall Not Pass!”

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