Clever Dog Uses a Surfboard to Retrieve Her Ball

Clever Dog Uses a Surfboard to Retrieve Her Ball

Angela Markus

Dogs can be very intelligent! From time to time, we get to see just how smart they are. As it would seem not all dogs care for water. While some waste no time in jumping into a pool to enjoy a swim, this clever dog wants to avoid getting into the water altogether.

When Abby’s owner threw her ball into the pool, she knew she had to get it. Instead of getting into the water like most dogs, she decided to use clever means. Abby gets her surfboard and maneuvers herself to get her ball without stepping foot in the water.

Gliding through the pool with ease, Abby makes sure to use different tactics to get to the ball that is a little distance from her. I think this dog realizes that when she is standing she does not move as quickly, so she lays on the board to build up momentum.

The ingenuity of this dog is super cute, and she should be applauded for something that she can do a lot better than most humans. Or maybe, it is just me, because I am not sure I can balance like that. It is amazing how animals are learning how to pilot water-based crafts way more efficiently than humans. Scary!

What do you think about this surfboarding dog?

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