Dog Trained To Gently Rock Baby Cradle Will AMAZE You

Dog Trained To Gently Rock Baby Cradle Will AMAZE You

Angela Markus

Pets have been known to provide many positive health and emotional benefits for adults and children alike, so it’s no surprise that dog ownership is twice as high in families with children. Not only are they the best protectors, but as we can see from watching Shira, they are great at rocking cradles.

This is one loving pooch! The owner of a young dog has taught the animal to rock his baby’s cradle in exchange for treats. The heartwarming interaction captured and has gone viral. Are you surprised? We can see the little dog briefly standing on her hind legs before putting her left paw on the infant’s cradle and giving it a gentle push.

This soother’s paw can rock the cradle just as well as a hand. The Manchester Terrier’s owner is a genius. After a polite command, Shira is known to respond almost immediately! This is such a perfect example how to involve your dog with both the excitement and the chores a new baby brings to your home.

What a sweet dog!

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