Adorable Little Dog Is Literally Scared Of Everything

Adorable Little Dog Is Literally Scared Of Everything

Erika Carter

Cody Viselli uploaded a hilarious video to Facebook that has since gone insanely viral. In it, his dog is seen running away from everything in fear. And we really do mean everything.

Having likely grown tired of telling his friends about his scaredy cat dog, only to have them not believe him, Viselli decided to catch his pooch in action. So, he recorded himself chasing after the pup with a number of things — from paper towels to mayonnaise, to a little screw. Unsurprisingly, the dog ran from it all.

The video is absolutely hilarious to watch and we feel like there are sure to be some more videos to come — at least we hope!

What about you? Do you have any pets who are afraid of any and all things? Let us know! If there is one thing we love most in this world, it’s funny pet stories!

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