Dog Has A Great Time Sliding On Snow

Dog Has A Great Time Sliding On Snow

Angela Markus

Snowy weather can be a source of frustration for many of us.  It can also bring joy and entertainment to many others. As we all know, dogs are playful creatures and don’t back down when it comes to fetching, catching, and destroying our shoes. It turns out, some dogs love the snow!

Kids are not the only ones who enjoy sliding in the snow; dogs do too! Meet Rafi. Rafi really loves the snow, and as you might know, if you’ve grown up in a snowy area, sliding down a slippery hill is major fun.

Watch as Rafi has the time of his life while his owners laugh hysterically. Rafi is quite an energetic one and seems to enjoy amusing his family. Over and over, and egged on just a little by his owners, Rafi enjoys slide after slide. Although he gets distracted a couple of times, he gets right back to the serious business of having fun in the snow. Laughter in the background shows just how entertaining his actions are for his family. That’s one happy dog!

Labradors are very special dogs. Not only are they smart and loyal, but they are the kindness breed in my opinion. From the looks of Rafi, the most fun too!

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