Dog Refuses To Leave Owner’s Side After She’s Killed In A Hit-And-Run

Dog Refuses To Leave Owner’s Side After She’s Killed In A Hit-And-Run

Angela Markus

A bond between a dog and his owner is unquestionable. Here it is heartbreaking as police in Jacksonville, Florida work to unravel the mystery of a fatal hit-and-run involving a 42-year-old woman in a Kangaroo gas station parking lot. Her faithful dog refused the leave the scene of the crime. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department responded to a call around to Chaffee Road near Kittrell Lane where the woman was hit by a vehicle and killed.

The woman found dead has been identified by family members as Kelly Black, according to local news. She was accompanied by her dog Paco at the time of the crash. Police believe that a semi-truck in the rear parking lot at the Kangaroo Station hit the victim and dragged her into the middle of the road. The driver has not been identified and there are no witnesses.

Paco made headlines after his undeniable bond with his mama influenced his action to wait by his owner’s side following the fatal accident. Many captured the actions of Paco and shared it on social media. When Kelly Black was struck and killed by a truck, Paco stayed put laying sadly in the middle of the road. The dog was found waiting when emergency personnel arrived on the scene, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Paco stayed by Black’s side until family arrived. The family said the two were inseparable.

As this breaks our heart, this proves just how incredible dogs make as companions. Bless this dog and all of Kelly’s loved one

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