Hungry Dog Steals Cookie From a Baby

Hungry Dog Steals Cookie From a Baby

Angela Markus

At what age does a child actually understand the concept of sharing? Some experts might say four or maybe five. However, a child can be taught to understand some basic rules from an early age.

Parents teach their children how to share by showing them how to wait your turn if you walk away from a toy it is open for anyone else to play with. This little toddler learned one valuable lesson at a very early age. When he handed his cookie to his furry little friend, I think he expected to get it back.

This baby has a mind-blowing experience when he hands his dog his cookie that he seemed to be enjoying so much. As he sits in his high chair, two dogs stand guard, waiting for the remnants of the treats.

Then the lovely toddler reaches his hand over and shares with one of the dogs. But where did it go? The moment he realizes it is gone is both a hilarious and sorrowful one.

The dog ate his cookie! Poor little guy.

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