Some Dogs Like Playing Fetch. This Dog? She Likes To Swim With Dolphins!

Some Dogs Like Playing Fetch. This Dog? She Likes To Swim With Dolphins!

Jamaica Bravo

Kira is an adorable black lab who, just like most other labs, loves to swim. Not only does she enjoy a cool invigorating splash in the ocean, she loves doing so with dolphins. And the dolphins seem to love to swim with Kira. Kira and her owner, Noleen Withers, live at the Somente Aqua Dolphin Center in Ponta do Ouro in Mozambique. Noleen and her team have spent years observing wild dolphins in their habitat. Their main priority is that the dolphin’s habitat is protected. They never allow anyone in the water unless the dolphins are receptive to their presence.  It is very important to them that the dolphins feel comfortable at all times.

So Kira jumps aboard the boat with Noleen and the others on the team and takes off out to the sea. She looks so adorable as she sports an orange life vest and sits watching over the water in anticipation.

Suddenly Noleen spots a pod of dolphins and points them out to Kira. She watches and waits excitedly and then after Noleen jumps in, Kira jumps in right behind her. At first the dolphins seemed a little intimidated. But what happens next will shock you! These beautiful animals begin to play with Kira! They began to swim with her in an exciting game of chase and tag. It seems as if they look at Kira as one of them.

After a time of playing the dolphins seem to have had enough and they begin to swim away. Noleen recognizes that they are tired so she  then gathers Kira up in a loving embrace and guides her back to the boat.  Kira lays exhausted in the boat and enjoys her ride back, most likely dreaming of her next swim with those amazing sea animals. Have you ever seen anything like it?

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