You’ll LOVE Watching This Adorable Dog Try to Catch Treats

You’ll LOVE Watching This Adorable Dog Try to Catch Treats

Kendall Conners

Sometimes the simplest things in life can bring us the most joy. All it takes is a smile, positive thought … or an adorable golden retriever to take a day from ordinary to out of this world!

Meet Fritz, the adorable golden retriever starring in this epic video. Fritz is so adorable and hilarious that his owner dedicated an entire YouTube channel to him. When you see this video you’ll understand why!

It all started when Fritz’s owner tossed a piece of food to Fritz, hoping he’d catch it in his mouth. But that’s not exactly what happened. His owner went to throw him some food and Fritz got very focused, keeping his eyes on the food. Without taking his eyes away from the prize and barely even blinking, Fritz readies himself for the catch. But as the food soars through the air toward Fritz’s face, you begin to realize that maybe Fritz’s depth perception is a little off.

Instead of landing in his mouth, the food smacks Fritz right in the face! As much as he desperately wanted to catch the food, he just FAILED every time. This happened not once, not twice, but almost EVERY time his owner threw him some food.

Try as he might, Fritz just couldn’t catch any sort of food in his mouth and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Steaks, donuts, tacos — you name it, Fritz can’t catch it. And it’s so adorably cute that his owner caught it all on film.

Watch Fritz in the video below as he attempts to catch a wide variety of food in his mouth and fail almost every time. It’s too cute and funny!

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