Dog Walks In Crocs Better Than Most Humans

Dog Walks In Crocs Better Than Most Humans

Angela Markus

Having a bad day? This dog is guaranteed to put you in a better mood. They’re expensive and messy, and they almost always hog the bed. Yet if you’re among the millions of pet owners across the country, you just can’t imagine life without your beloved dog. Most dogs hate wearing any kind of footwear. While it is unnatural for them, Watson, the dog, would do anything to please his owner, even willingly embrace a questionable taste in footwear.

Proving that everyone looks laughable wearing Crocs, this adorable footage shows man’s best friend slipping into the human-sized reef shoes on command and clumsily shuffling along the carpet. Clips with animals always seem to go viral, and this one posted by owner Enid Lemley seems to be no exception.

“He can do this with work boots too,” Lemley captioned the video.

But Watson seems to be very accustomed to wearing the one-time famous footwear. Although the fashionable sin may not be made for dogs to wear, this Boxer is working it. Check out the cute and hilarious footsteps and how he doesn’t take his eyes off of his feet for one second.

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