Anxious Dog Is So Eager To Jump In The Pool. Wait For It…

Anxious Dog Is So Eager To Jump In The Pool. Wait For It…

Angela Markus

We know that dogs are born with strong natural instincts that include barking, fetching and being totally lovable to humans. I used to think that swimming is a skill that all dogs naturally have. So, why would they call it the “doggie paddle” unless it was something all canines could do? Right! Not necessarily. But Christy is a West Highland Terrier, and this dog loves to swim.

National Geographic says that swimming isn’t necessarily an innate ability for dogs. While many pooches are perfectly amphibious, many of our little pooches tend to sink like a bag of cement when submerged. When it comes to swimming, dogs usually fall into one of three categories. Those that are excellent swimmers, those that can be taught to swim and those that should steer clear of all aqueous environments.

Christy falls in the first category. When she arrived at her home in Florida and caught sight of the pool, excited was an understatement. She barks and makes several circles in anticipation of being one with the water.

When her owner opens the door, the dog couldn’t get to the pool fast enough. Without hesitation, paws first, she immediately dives in and proceeds to make laps. She decides to come out for a breeder, and those instantaneously jumps back into the pool.

Swim on Christy, swim on.

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