Dog Gets His Head Stuck Into a Tissue Box

Dog Gets His Head Stuck Into a Tissue Box

Jamaica Bravo

Have you ever felt like like life had you so confused and disoriented it was practically like you were running around trying to figure everything out with a box on your head?! Well, that’s how Olive the puppy feels today, though not figuratively, quite literally.

This down-and-out pup has got some kind of an annoying cold, and her little nose just can’t stop running. Don’t you just hate that feeling! So naturally, poor sweet Olive, who has watched her owners grab tissues from the Kleenex box on the table a dozen times, and is perfectly capable of pulling one out with her teeth, thought she’d fix her own problem…except then all she did was make a worse one for herself. Poor Olive!

Now she has a Kleenex box stuck on her head and doesn’t know what to do. A smart, resourceful pooch might be able to get a tissue with her teeth, but she certainly doesn’t have hands to pull a box off her head! Honestly, I feel so bad for the whiney sick little pup, I can’t believe how long her owner’s just leave her running around running into walls with that box on her head!

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