Pack Of Golden Retrievers Line Up To Get Their Paws Cleaned

Pack Of Golden Retrievers Line Up To Get Their Paws Cleaned

Angela Markus

As much as we love our furry little friends, they have a tendency to be quite messy. Our beloved dogs tend to sleep on our beds, hanging out on the sofa, or hop into our freshly cleaned car. Whenever they go out to play, they tend to bring in all of outside with them. This owner isn’t having any of that! She lines them up for a thorough paw cleaning.

Whether housebreaking a new puppy or resolving an existing problem in an older dog, the routine is the same, you want to prevent your dog from making mistakes. While it can be said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, after watching this clip you should be inspired.

After her dogs have played outside, this owner lines them up for a good clean off of the paws before they are allowed to get in the car The dogs patiently wait one behind the other then hops inside to wait for the rest of the pack.

The first time your dog soils your car, or any other area of your home, it creates a precedent—a bad precedent. Subsequent mistakes tend to quickly reinforce that type of behavior. But proper training like this one is effective, and not to mention cute!

How patient are these pups?

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