Dogs Unwrapping Presents Are Having The Best Christmas Ever

Dogs Unwrapping Presents Are Having The Best Christmas Ever

Jamaica Bravo

These people who taught their dogs how to open wrapped Christmas presents are brilliant! What a great way to curb your dog’s natural desire to dig, chew, paw at things, and just generally find ways to tear everything in the house and yard to shreds. Why didn’t we think of this before?

Now that we’ve seen this video, we know how easy it can be to teach our pets the appropriate times to tear things apart. Since we’re going to model the behavior for a couple of hours on Christmas morning with our human family members anyway, might as well use the opportunity to show our furry children how it’s done.

Just wrap up a new squeaky toy, or better yet, your pooch’s favorite edibles. This package doesn’t need to be pretty since your pup is going to tear it up. In fact, it’s probably best if it’s wrapped kind of poorly on purpose. That way, it will be easy for your dog to get it open the first time around.

It’s important that on their first couple of tries, they succeed in getting the treat. That way, they’ll make the connection between unwrapping a present and reinforcement. Just make sure you pair the present with a special command, and don’t let them start scratching away at their gift until after you’ve ordered them to. You definitely don’t want your dog to accidentally learn to open up everyone’s presents! And you certainly don’t want your pup messing with the presents you put under the tree before Christmas time!

In the video, several different pet owners have taught dogs of all different breeds how to open up presents. They’ve even filmed it and some kind person edited all of the clips together so we can all get our adorable puppies on Christmas fix! Plus, now we can see for ourselves how easy it is to train our furry animal friends to join the family on Christmas day! Look at how well-behaved these pups are before they are given their own presents!

How cute are these little doggies?!

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