She Bought Frames From The Dollar Tree And Turned Them Into Elegant Decor Inspired By Pottery Barn

She Bought Frames From The Dollar Tree And Turned Them Into Elegant Decor Inspired By Pottery Barn

Angela Markus

Have you ever passed by the Pottery Barn and thought, What lovely pieces you have, then the price tag changed your mind? Yes, it has happened to some of us. This video can help with that. Decorate with grandeur for a fraction of the price. What’s even more impressive is that these Pottery Barn-esque decors can be completed in less than 15 minutes! That’s right, they’re inexpensive and easy to make! What’s not to love about this craft?

The first project resembles a Pottery Barn Eagan mirror, which can retail for something like $300. This multi-panel mirror can be duplicated with items from the Dollar Tree.

Start with nine mirrors. Rip off the backs of them and lay them face down. Use duct tape (also found at the dollar store) to secure all mirrors tightly together. Grab up some super glue (another dollar store item) and place all along the back. After which you take foam board (yes, you know where to get it), cut it down to size and attach to the glue. Let it sit overnight, and you would have produced a replica of a really expensive item.

The next project involves replicating a chalkboard plate. You will need a silver platter, spray paint it white, paint the inside with chalkboard paint. To make it look neat, put a little stitched edge with chalk pen. These plates are actually magnetic, so you can decorate with notes or pictures. Awesome!

The next project requires you to go to the store and buy candles – because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love an excuse to buy candles. Dollar Tree offers beautiful candles with a mercury glass look on the inside and a frosted look on the outside. Perfect in a set of three.

Your mind will be blown away with the next project. Grab up some jute twine (about a half of roll), and a small bowl. Use a glue gun to wrap the twine around the bowl. The result is a gorgeous nautical looking bowl perfect for organizers or simple display.

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