Paddle Boarder Gets Body Slammed By a Wild Dolphin

Paddle Boarder Gets Body Slammed By a Wild Dolphin

Angela Markus

Many say that seeing a dolphin in the water is a sign of good luck, but I am pretty sure this guy would not agree with that statement.

Matt Minich was out paddle boarding at the beautiful Hermosa Beach, California with his friend Peter Nelson when he came face to face with a wild dolphin. And we mean wild!

One excited flipper breaches out from the wave and crashes into Matt, pushing him over his board and into the water. This is what you call a dolphin body slam and fortunately for us, he gets it all on film! 

Literally, he was knocked off his feet. Guess there was only enough room for one on this wave.

As far as we are aware there was no harm to either Matt or the Dolphin. Maybe it was just the dolphin way of warning that it was a local’s only spot, or was just trying to upstage the Paddleboarder! What do you think?

It is unfortunate, but hilarious.

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