Wild Dolphin Triple Barrel Rolls and Snorkeler Captures It All on Film. This Is Cool!

Wild Dolphin Triple Barrel Rolls and Snorkeler Captures It All on Film. This Is Cool!

Angela Markus

Snorkeling, more spontaneous than scuba diving is one of those colorful, fun experiences that allows you to see the sea without going deep under. Depending on where you decide to snorkel, you might be graced with the presence of electrifying dolphins like the one in this clip.

If there was any question that dolphins are intelligent, cognizant creatures, then this footage is further proof that these incredible creatures know how to entertain.

Ryan Pipes, his wife, and other swimmers were on a Dolphin tour in Hawaii when he caught something magical. A wild dolphin surprised the group of snorkelers with his incredible skills. The group was swimming in clear, warm waters near the shore, where spinner dolphins usually rest. “Most of the dolphins swam alongside us in groups,” Pipes said.

There was one small, long-beaked dolphin that decided to show off for about a half of a minute before continuing on his way. The light grey Hawaiian spinner swam fast, jumped out of the water and performed spinning tricks in the air. This dolphin seemed to enjoy the attention a lot more than the others.

The dolphin breached the water and performed three barrel rolls apparently to entertain the human guests of the ocean.

According to the National Wildlife Federation, dolphins are acrobats, but spinner dolphins are very athletic. When they leap, they spin their bodies round and round in mid-air and are known to spin up to seven times before re-entering the water.

They do it to communicate, search for food or have fun. This one looks like he is having loads of fun and I’m so glad we were able to experience it all! 

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