This Mothers Story Of Domestic Violence Will Shock You To Your Core

Carmen Tarleton

This Mothers Story Of Domestic Violence Will Shock You To Your Core

Erika Carter

Domestic violence has been a topic filled with emotions, stories, consequences, and controversy. At times there are survivors, but it does not change the fact that those survivors are left with imprints of the atrocities they faced.

Carmen Tarleton was married to Herbert Rodgers for nine years before they filed for divorce. Prior to the decision to file for divorce, everything was pleasant and the family seemed to be getting along well. Carmen’s sister, Kesstan, had even called Rodgers a good brother-in-law who she could talk to about anything and a good father to Carmen’s two daughters.

However, all that changed after a time where the family had moved back to Vermont and Rodgers had difficulty finding a job. Frustrations and hardships were very clear, and the couple decided to file for divorce.

After some time Carmen started dating one of her co-workers, but nobody would suspect Rodgers coming back in the middle of the night to unleash a brutal attack on Carmen. Carmen was beaten with a baseball bat and was doused with industrial-strength lye, a very powerful chemical.

Carmen was sexually assaulted and was left with third and fourth degree burns on over 80% of her body. She was in a medically induced coma for three and half months. Carmen survived, but she was left with the memories and medical deformities that are obvious to the consequences of her attack. Rodgers was taken into custody and given the punishment of 30 years, but it does not compare to the suffering, pain, and memories that Carmen or her daughters will have forever.

Domestic violence is sad, but society has to realize just how common it truly is. It is through family, friends, and society that everyone who has suffered domestic violence can get back up and go on. Together anything can become possible.