Elephant Smacks Friendly Guy For Getting Too Close For Comfort

Elephant Smacks Friendly Guy For Getting Too Close For Comfort

Angela Markus

In case you were wondering whether or not elephants enjoy being poked, prodded or pet while they’re eating–they don’t. The guy in this video got a little too close to this elephant’s personal space and the massive beast let him know by delivering a near knockout blow with his mighty trunk.

Elephants are truly intriguing creatures. Besides their enormous size, which can go up to thousands of pounds, they make the most amazing and coolest trumpet sound when they communicate, and they are vegan. Some of them even spend up to 16 hours a day eating. That might hint to someone to leave elephants alone when they are snacking.

This poor guy had to learn the hard way. He is clearly fascinated by the larger than life animal, so he gently approaches. With each closer step, he makes a friendly gesture. He even holds up a tree branch in an attempt to try and feed the beast.

All is well until he gets too close for comfort and touches the elephant. In a comical twist, the elephant abruptly lets the guy know, please do not do that, I am eating!

Not sure whether or not to laugh, but it is very hard not to.

This seemingly friendly admirer just got a trunk-check. Smack! 

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