Five-Year-Old Boy Has His Tooth Removed Because of Decay, As a Result Of Eating Dried Fruit

Five-Year-Old Boy Has His Tooth Removed Because of Decay, As a Result Of Eating Dried Fruit

Erika Carter

We all dread being in the dentist’s chair and hearing those words, “You have a cavity.” This statement would come as a real shock if you thought that you were taking excellent care of your teeth.

You can imagine how one self-proclaimed ‘smug mum’, Claire Donnelly, felt when she took her son to the dentist and got upsetting news. Claire prides herself on giving her son a healthy diet and good nutrition.

So when the dentist told her that her son Stan needed to have a tooth removed due to decay, she almost couldn’t believe it. She was so caught off guard by the news that she thought that he must have inherited some sort of “genetic dental problem”, according to BBC.

Claire recalled his diet and was confused because it was pretty healthy. She didn’t let him drink a lot of soda or juice and he didn’t indulge in candy.


However, the culprit was something she never would’ve expected — dried fruit. Dried fruit is a common snack many parents give to their toddlers. And while nutritionist hail it as a healthy snack for its high nutrient content, it leaves behind sticky sugars on teeth, which can cause an array of problems.


The dentist said that Stan had had too much sugar and not supervised enough brushing, which led to his tooth decay. Claire blamed herself for not knowing how sugary dried fruit is and for not giving her son good enough oral hygiene, according to Lift Bump.

“As a parent your job is to do everything to look after them and to keep them healthy so you can’t help thinking you’ve failed really,” she says on BBC radio.

Through Stan’s unfortunate experience hopefully it will help other parents prevent the same thing from happening.

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