5 DIYs with Boat Cleats & Driftwood You’re Going To Want To Make This Summer

5 DIYs with Boat Cleats & Driftwood You’re Going To Want To Make This Summer

Jamaica Bravo

Do you have some driftwood and boat cleats handy? Awesome, because HGTV handmade is teaching you how to make summer do-it-yourself projects with these two simple tools. When you see what these girls make, you’re going to add arts-and-crafts to your summer to do list!

The first craft is my favorite! Grab your power drill and dive in! You’ll need driftwood, three boat cleats, spray paint, 6 screws, brackets, and a drill. Poke your screws into an old paper towel roll just leaving the tops exposed. (Weird I know, but it gets cooler.) Next you want to place the roll and your cleats on a drop cloth or trash bag outside. With a mask on, spray paint everything gold or the color of your choice. Make sure you cover all sides, and then allow it to dry.

Once everything is dry, you can bring it all inside in home, and then remove the screws from the paper towel roll. Next you want to determine the placement of the cleats on the driftwood. I recommend that you place the largest one in the middle and go down in size as you fan out along the driftwood. Measure to make sure that they are in the center and that they are equal distances from each other. Using a drill bit that fits inside the cleat, drill holes into the driftwood.

Once that is complete, you need to put your screws in the holes of the cleat, and drill down or use a Philips screwdriver to get the nails in all the way into the wood. You want to do this to all of your cleats, so they are stable and stuck into the driftwood. Next you want to add brackets to the back of the driftwood on each end. Once again you can just use a screwdriver to place these in the driftwood- but c’mon, who has time for that?

The brackets make the piece be able to hang on your wall. Voila! You now have a cool and classy wall hook that gives a relaxed beach vibe. If you don’t want the driftwood, simply drill the cleats into your wall for a nice hook. However, driftwood is a great supply to have for summer DIYs. Ideas include driftwood wall hangings, driftwood centerpieces, or an air plant wall garden. For more projects, you should head over to HGTV Handmade.

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