The Royal Thai Navy Drill Team Gives An Amazing Drill Performance!

The Royal Thai Navy Drill Team Gives An Amazing Drill Performance!

Kendall Conners

Thailand’s Armed Forces are known for performing some of the best and most entertaining drills, but one in particular was both moving and mesmerizing.

The team performed a domino-effect drill, which began on one end of a line and ended at the other, in a ripple formation. Some of the acts included gun pointing and kneeling, but others involved the team squatting in a certain order that resembled dancing.

The focus and agility of the team left spectators enchanted. Many thought the soldiers were messing up, but they surprised everyone with their ripple-effect drill movements. The team even replicated ‘the wave’.

The drill began with movements that were in-sync and each soldier was on-time, but as the domino-effect portion of the drill began, each soldier went in order to replicate the movement the soldier before him did. At some points, the entire team looked like ocean waves.

The charming music only created more smiles as it mimicked a happy and cheerful sound during the performance.

This kind of performance must have taken a lot of commitment from the drill team in Thailand, and they did not miss a step. These kinds of experiences for spectators are hard to come by.

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