Two Drilling Hacks To Avoid One Big Giant Mess

Two Drilling Hacks To Avoid One Big Giant Mess

Angela Markus

The right drill can accomplish a lot around the home or workshop. But, if you are anything like me, drilling holes in various materials is something you probably haven’t given a whole lot of thought to during your do-it-yourself career. But it’s something that almost always brings my project to a screeching halt. I especially dislike all the mess that usually follow.

Here are two simple hacks to prevent making mess when drilling.

The first hack is overhead drilling. Get a paper or plastic cup that measures the length of the drill bit, and some scissors. Make a mark a couple of inches from the rim of the cup and cut off the top. Attach the cup to the drill by drilling a hole into the bottom of the cup.

Using this hack allows the material to gather in the cup. You can use a clear plastic cup if you need visibility.

The next hack pertains to drilling into the wall. Grab a sticky note, and stick one on the wall. Fold the note in half, and make creases on the ends. When you drill over the sticky notes, all of the dusty mess is caught to the bottom.

These hacks are so simple and so genius that even I can do.

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