Loyal Dog Saves Owner From Drowning

Loyal Dog Saves Owner From Drowning

Jamaica Bravo

They don’t call them man’s best friend for nothing! Witness an amazing act of companionship as a dog rescues his owner from drowning. Sound crazy? Just watch.

It looks like your average cute, brown dog lying in the dirt and enjoying a lazy, summer afternoon. But this dog has a talent other dog owners would envy. The owner is taking a dip in a local swimming hole, but this sunny afternoon takes a drastic turn when suddenly, he slips underwater for a few seconds. The dog does a double take, and as soon as he realizes his beloved owner may be in trouble, he immediately springs up and dives into the water.

Now, I think it’s clear to all that he’s really not drowning, but merely dunking himself under water for a second to give the illusion he is. Regardless, the brave dog pulls his owner to the safety.

Every pool owner should train their dog to make rescues like this, especially in a household with kids! What a talented pooch! Let’s all give him a round of applause because he deserves it … and then some!

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