Clever Dryer Sheet Lifehacks!

Clever Dryer Sheet Lifehacks!

Ashley Rego

Dryer sheets are one of those sneaky household items that you often overlook, when in fact, they offer so many surprisingly convenient solutions to life’s little problems.

Among the ranks of baking soda and tea bags, dryer sheets should be added to your list of items to consistently have on hand.

From deodorizing stinky shoes, to removing grungy pots and pans, to dusting furniture around the house – you’d be surprised at how well dryer sheets can handle these annoyances!

So next time you decide to pick restock on dryer sheets for the laundry, grab an extra box to be used for some of these other nifty lifehacks. The video below explains a plethora of ways you can purpose the simple squares of cloth!

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