A Police Officer Rescues Little Ducklings That Fell Down a Man Hole

A Police Officer Rescues Little Ducklings That Fell Down a Man Hole

Erika Carter

A mother duck is obviously upset! She paces and quacks loudly over and over again until she gets the attention of a police officer and her partner standing nearby. At first it was unclear why the mother duck was so upset.

However, the officer soon realized that the mother duck had several babies stuck inside a man hole. Although it was unclear how the baby ducks got there, the police officer knew that she had to help rescue the ducks. The police officer found a couple of large cardboard boxes that had been discarded on the street. She then reached down into the hole and gently lifted the ducks to safety one by one.

The baby ducks sang happily as they were reunited with their siblings inside the box. Once rescued, all of the babies looked to be healthy and they cuddled together for warmth. The police officer then carried the cardboard box down the street with the mother duck anxiously following behind, quacking as she walked along. The mother duck seemed unsure about what would happen next, but the police officer knew just what to do!

She led the mother duck to a nearby pond and the mother duck instinctively went into the water. The officer then turned the cardboard box up onto its side and let the baby ducks come out into the water. They eagerly began to swim toward their mother who was waiting in the pond. The babies surrounded their mother and she twisted in the water in delight as if making a mental note that each baby had been rescued. The mother duck lovingly touched some of the babies with her beak and they began to swim together in the water.

They were all obviously very happy to be back together as a family. SHARE the love and pass it on!