Dying Dog Found on The Streets of India Is Completely Transformed in Two Months

Dying Dog Found on The Streets of India Is Completely Transformed in Two Months

Angela Markus

Animal Aid Unlimited does remarkable work! The organization is an animal rescue center, sanctuary, and treatment operation for mistreated and injured animals from its region. Initiated by Jim Myers and Erika Abrams, along with their daughter Claire, this operation has treated over 40,000 animals to date. Animals include dogs, donkeys, cows, birds and monkeys, and it rescues approximately 10-15 animals per day from the streets. Some of those animals are treated and released, and others live out the rest of their days at the center if they are not able to fend for themselves.

When a starving dog was found collapsed on the side of the road in Udaipur, India, few had any hope of its survival. The dog was severely malnourished and was suffering from mangeā€”a skin disease caused by parasitic mites. Curled up on the side of the road, he had all but given up on life.

Naturally, after being without human contact for so long, he was terrified of his rescuers. But with gentle care and attention, the incredible people at Animal Aid slowly won the pooch over and before long, he was hooked up to an IV machine and began eating.

After two months of love and tender care, the dog made a full recovery and was completely unrecognizable from the hairless, lifeless stray found on the roadside. Now, he is completely comfortable around humans again.

This transformation is remarkable and one that will truly touch your heart.

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