This Small Child Can Kick Your Butt!

This Small Child Can Kick Your Butt!

Angela Markus

When we think of martial arts prodigies, we imagine them doing more than hi-yah! We imagine them fearlessly breaking wooden boards with ease. That’s what this little tike did during his evening martial arts class, leaving everyone, including his instructor, completely stunned!

At first, Dylan seemed distracted, maybe looking for some support in the crowd. His sensei tells him that he has ten tries to get it right. Oh, the pressure!

The instructor offers him some solid advice. Dylan is told to take his time because going fast will not break the board.

Dylan lets off his first attempt. “Ahh,” he exerts his force. Nothing happens. He quickly tries again. The sensei offers some more insight to ensure his next try is successful. He tells Dylan that he needs to use his heel and his imagination. Dylan needs to envision himself breaking the board. Sound advice.

He also reminds Dylan to focus on the task at hand and not on what is happening around him.

The young Jet Li, although fidgety, listens to his instructor. After some supporting words, Dylan prepares and stomps. He breaks the board in half!

There is applause from the onlookers and a big giant high five from the sensei.

Dylan is smiling from ear to ear, realizing his full accomplishment. Dylan’s instructor is elated as he admits, he did not think Dylan would do it.

The best part about this success, Dylan broke a record as he is the first kid of his age to break a board in that class. Amazing!

This video shows that the right instruction and a little determination can go a long way.

Dylan, we are proud of you! SHARE the love and pass it on.