Watch This Woman Remove a Huge Chunk of Earwax From This Man’s Ear. Yowzas!

Watch This Woman Remove a Huge Chunk of Earwax From This Man’s Ear. Yowzas!

Erika Carter

Despite it’s slimy consistency and gross reputation, earwax really does serve a purpose. It’s there to clean, lubricate and protect your ear’s lining from things like dirt and water. However, too much of a good thing is problematic. This is exactly what one man discovered when he had a huge clump of it pulled out of his ear. They caught all of this on video too!

Some people have problems with their ear and nasal passages and no matter how clean they are, they still get earwax build up. The poor man in this video knows what it’s like to have more than a little wax clogged up in there.

The video begins as a man is seated in front of a woman who’s holding his ear open with her hands. She’s using a pair of tweezers to remove wax from his ear. Although it looks as though the wax is relatively small after three failed attempts to remove it, she finally manages to remove what looks like a little candle from his ear. Since it took the woman four attempts to remove this piece of wax from the man’s ear, you can only imagine how large it would have been if they removed the entire thing as one piece.

At the end of the video, you see all the people showing their disgust. You even hear one man stating that the video will go on YouTube, which it did eventually do just that. Everyone is also yelling and screaming once the man finally gets his hearing back, making you think they were trying to deafen him all over again.

While you’d think that a lot of people would be disgusted when they watched this video, actually the exact opposite happened. The video is trending and making its way throughout the Internet.

It really is shocking that something this big was found in someone’s ear! But as gross as it was, it was oddly satisfying when she pulled that big chunk out!

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