Learn How To Paint Designs On To Your Cakes With This Video!

Cake Decorating

Learn How To Paint Designs On To Your Cakes With This Video!

Erika Carter

Cake decorating can seem like an impossible feat if you’re new to it. But it turns out that there are quite a few ways to make even the simplest of cakes look phenomenal with just a few additions.

In this video by Winton you can learn how to make a beautiful ombre flower on your cake with just frosting and a paintbrush! It is so easy but the results are absolutely gorgeous!

After your cake has been frosted, grab your paintbrush and dip it in some water. Use your brush to create an outline where you will put your flower and decide what color you want your flower to be.

Smooth your white frosting on a cardboard palette and add the first liquid food color of your choosing — just a drop or two will do! Once you have your desired shade, begin to brush the color onto the cake, starting with the outer layer of flower petals. Use just a small brush-worth amount of water to thin the frosting and make it easier for as smooth an application as possible. Brush in circular strokes.

Add another drop of color onto the already-colored frosting, creating a slightly darker shade of the initial color and brush that on the next descending line of petals. Do the same a third time, creating the last lovely shade of deep pink. That is brushed on to complete the ombre effect. Last, but not least, a brown paint on the flower petals creates a sense of depth and dimension. A thin line in the upper left corner of each petal will suffice, though be sure to delicately curve your brushstroke in following the petal’s natural shape. Your cake is beautiful and a finished masterpiece!

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