7 Apple Hacks That’ll Change Your Kitchen Routine For Life!

7 Apple Hacks That’ll Change Your Kitchen Routine For Life!

Genevieve Lopez

Apples are one of the greatest snacks around. Not only are they tasty, but they give you energy and are filled with plenty of nutrients. But apples can be rather cumbersome to manage. Fortunately, this kitchen genius is about to share with us a few tips and tricks to make cutting up your next healthy snack extra convenient!

Instead of cutting down the middle of the apple, imagine the top of the apple to be like a tic-tac-toe board. Cut along the imaginary lines and you have a perfectly cut apple with an easily removable core! For easy transport, wrap a rubber band around the cut apple to keep it from browning. When you’re ready for your snack, simply remove the rubber band and your apple slices are ready for consuming.

Make them stand out. If you’re looking for a neat trick for displaying your apple slices, try this: Take the corner apple slices and make three slits — about half way through- in one direction. Then spin it around and make three more slits the same way so they meet near the bottom. Simply push the scored apple sections out and you have a fun and decorative way to serve apples.

Did you know lemon juice keeps the apple from oxidizing and turning brown? He shows us an apple that had been cut tic-tac-toe style was spritzed with lemon juice and wrapped with a rubber band. The result? Eight and a half hours later the apple still appeared freshly cut with no browning at all!

Not only does this method of cutting up an apple keep it fresher longer, but it’s also about five times quicker than the traditional method and results in much less waste.

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