How To Eat A Cupcake…Like A LADY!

How To Eat A Cupcake…Like A LADY!

Ashley Rego

If you put a cupcake in font of me, chances are it is going to be devoured faster than you can say, “enjoy.” Maybe it’s just me, but when it comes to sweets, all my ladylike manners are thrown out the window! I can’t help it, my sweet tooth gets the best of me!

BUT, I happened to stumble across this one tip that may be able to help me demolish those tasty little treats in a more…dainty…approach.

Like most people (I think), when I bite into a cupcake, I just dig right it. There’s no thought process behind it except, “this is going to taste delicious!” Apparently, however, there’s a much┬ásuperior approach to indulging in one of these delectable treats.

All you have to do is simply twist the bottom half of the cake part so that it breaks off. Then, put this half of the cake on top of the frosting, creating your very own dessert sandwich! Basically, you get all the deliciousness without any of the mess!

No more noses covered in frosting, next time I eat a cupcake, I’m gonna do so with class!

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