Ed Sheeran Surprises Fan Singing One Of His Songs!

Ed Sheeran Surprises Fan Singing One Of His Songs!

Erika Carter

If you don’t know who Ed Sheeran is then get ready to fall in love. Ed Sheeran is a British musician who has recently taken the world by storm. He just dropped a record-breaking album that can be heard on any radio station at any point of the day.

Not only are people falling in love with his music, but they’re falling in love with his adorable personality as well! Sheeran is known for going out of his way to talk to fans and is kind and outgoing with everyone he meets.

So it’s not hard to believe what happened in the video below. In the video below, he is shopping at a mall when he hears a girl singing one of his hit songs, “Thinking Out Loud”.

He hears this and turns to his buddy (who’s getting this whole thing on film) and says, “should I just roll up?” And roll up he does!

This lucky girl doesn’t even see him coming until he is on stage next to her! Ed comes up on stage with her and continues to sing his song “Thinking Out Loud”. They help each other but he does not over power her or take over singing for her, they harmonize together!

You can tell he loved the fact that she was singing his song — and she was equally as excited to be sharing the stage with Ed Sheeran himself! When the song ended they hugged and Sheeran was off and on his way!

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