Learn How To Make Edible Glasses Out of Sugar!

Learn How To Make Edible Glasses Out of Sugar!

Erika Carter

My very best friend from high school was getting married. She and I had remained friends throughout our college years. When she announced her engagement, I knew that I couldn’t just get her any ole generic gift. I had to get her something special.

Wanting to get her a little something different, I searched high and low for unique gift ideas. Then one day I stumbled upon a genius idea — I was going to make functional, edible sugar wine glasses for Amy and her hubby-to-be!

I saw the glasses offered at a recent arts and crafts fair and even as part of a wedding cake decoration. I knew that this gift was sure to be a hit and I was almost certain no one else would get her the same thing! Edible sugar wine glasses aren’t exactly on everyone’s registry.

The edible glasses are perfect for cake decorating. They are even used in stage props for plays, theatrical productions and films.

At first, I was a little intimidated by the process because I’ve never done anything like it before! But then I found this video on YouTube and I was set.

In the video below Dominic Palazzolo takes us through the entire process, step-by-step. He tells you the exact ingredients you’ll need and articulately describes each step of the process. With the help of this YouTube video and a few hiccups along the way, I finally made edible sugar wine glasses for my friend’s engagement!

Needless to say, the glasses generated a true ooh and aah moment at the shower. Even if you’re not interested in making edible sugar glasses yourself, the video below is definitely worth a watch. It’s super interesting!

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