She’s Making Cake INSIDE Her Eggs. This Egg Cake Recipe Is Brilliant!

She’s Making Cake INSIDE Her Eggs. This Egg Cake Recipe Is Brilliant!

Genevieve Lopez

If you’re on a health kick, we get it. You need to replenish your body with plenty of vitamins and nutrients post working out. That’s why you’re carrying around a jug of water everywhere you go and asking your servers to go light on the salad dressing.

But if you’re anything like me, you need a cheat day (or two, or three) now and then to remind you of your sanity, and needless to say, to fulfill that sweet-tooth craving. We’ve come up with a genius way to do just that, all while making your harshest critics think you’re maintaining your diet. This recipe is not only funny but brilliantly sneaky!

This kitchen genius is hiding her cake inside her egg shells. Sound crazy? We thought so too until we saw how she does it.

She takes a few eggs, delicately pokes a hole at the top of each one, and drains out the yolk. After rinsing what’s left inside, she lets the eggs soak in salt water then coats the inside of the empty shell with oil. Next, she fills each shell with cake batter. In preparation of baking, she places each eggshell in a foil nest inside a muffin tin. Now these bad boys are ready to incubate!

She pops her cake-batter filled egg shells into the oven for 12 to 14 minutes. What she pulls out looks like a total mess, but with a bit of polishing up, she has a batch of adorable, ready-to-eat egg cakes!

When she cracks and peels the eggs, she reveals a surprise that’ll make even the healthiest foodie go nuts! How adorable are these?! You’re welcome.

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