Egg Pesto Melt Will Be Your New Favorite Breakfast Meal

Egg Pesto Melt Will Be Your New Favorite Breakfast Meal

Jamaica Bravo

From rainbow pancakes to bacon tacos, the creativity of breakfast meals are endless. But we’ve just discovered a breakfast meal that takes creativity to the next level!

Chef and Mom from Howdini, Catherine McCord, introduces us to the delicacy of the egg pesto melt. You heard right! She’s combining the zesty flavors of pesto and cheese onto our morning protein too create the ultimate breakfast meal you’re going to love!

To start, you will need a large egg and one tablespoon of pesto. Whisk them up together in a small bowl over a medium high heat pan and add one teaspoon of oil your preference vegetable oil or canola oil just until it gets warm. Then, pour in the pesto-egg mixture.

You will then see it starts to cook quickly because the heat is high and hot enough. If you want you can spread it out a little bit. You will need to turn it into a square so it can fit into the bread, so when you eat it, you’ll have the cheese and the omelet nice and pressed together.

Fold the omelet into a square. You can do this into any size skillet small, medium or large making a thin omelet. In order to do all the next steps you will need two slices of bread and a quarter cup of mozzarella cheese that is shredded. Then you will put mozzarella cheese on the bread. Then you put the omelet in the middle of your piece of bread and then top it with the remaining mozzarella cheese. You then let it cook for 20 to 30 seconds on a piece of bread of your preference wheat ,white, etc. You will then put it back into the skillet and press it down flat and cook for two minutes on each side. Once it’s golden brown and tasty, you’ve reached destination happy!

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