He Almost Didn’t Film Them, But Then The Most AMAZING Thing Happened

He Almost Didn’t Film Them, But Then The Most AMAZING Thing Happened

Kendall Conners

The person who shot this video said it best – sometimes the most rewarding experiences come when you least expect them. YouTuber HeyFletch, the person behind this adorable and touching video, was asked by a friend to shoot a special kind of video. His friend’s wife works at Meadowbrook Senior Living facility and asked him to direct a video with the residents and staff dancing along to Pharrell’s hit song “Happy”.

When first asked HeyFletch was very hesitant to agree to do the project. At the time he was busy and said, “when the alarm went off on the day we were shooting, I was regretting my offer to help as I “didn’t have time” to do it.” But he had already said he would do it, so he set off for the senior living facility ready to shoot.

But once he got to Meadowbrook, this project he almost didn’t do turned into something incredible — and it was all because of the residents.

“I met a man who was wounded among the first wave of soldiers storming the beaches at Iwo Jima. I met another man in his 90s who was so full of life despite losing most of his family in the Holocaust,” HeyFletch said.

He also had the pleasure of working with a woman in the Memory Ward who was afraid to dance at first, but once she started she didn’t want to stop. “And as we were leaving, she came up to me, grabbed my hand, looked me in the eye and a in a moment of total lucidity said, “Thank you so much for coming here and visiting us,”” said HeyFletch.

After watching this video and reading the backstory behind it, I was truly touched. This just goes to show how important and valuable our elders are. They’ve lived through decades and experienced so much that we couldn’t even fathom. Seeing how much of an impact this project had on HeyFletch, as well as the residents of Meadowbrook Senior Living facility is truly amazing.

Watch this adorable and lighthearted video of these awesome residents dancing to Pharrell’s chart-topping hit “Happy”. I can guarantee it’ll put a smile on your face and remind you that no matter what always dance like no one is watching.

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