Ellen Held The Voice Auditions of Her Own

Ellen Held The Voice Auditions of Her Own

Jamaica Bravo

All some stars need is someone to give them the means and opportunity to show off their skills. That’s exactly what music contest shows like The Voice do, and it is so beautiful to watch how far these contestants come when they are provided with resources that they couldn’t afford before, like voice coaches and music education.

The Voice is a particularly neat take on the typical singing contest because it has tried to eliminate visual bias by removing the judges’ initial line of sight with the contestants. Each song begins with all judges facing away from the singer. This ensures that they are evaluating each person on the basis of their voice and ability alone, and not on any other factors, like their physical appearance or demeanor. When a judge hears a song that moves her, she hits a button in front of her that spins her high-backed red chair around so she can see the contestant.

Famous comedian Ellen DeGeneres on a recent episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show said that she loves The Voice so much that she and her spouse, Portia de Rossi, play their own version of the game at home. In their version, they take turns guessing what the people look like, solely based on the quality of their voices. A recent clip of a segment on her show, posted on Ellentube, shows DeGeneres deciding to recreate her own version of the game. She had her staff bring in random people to sing and not to tell her who they invited. Ellen’s guesses about the contestants identities and appearance were frankly hilarious. Her staff decided to have a good time tricking her by inviting celebrities that Ellen personally knew. Her shock and delight when she figures out that one of the contestants is John Legend is so adorable!

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