18-Year-Old Covers Elvis Classic, Can’t Help Falling In Love

18-Year-Old Covers Elvis Classic, Can’t Help Falling In Love

Jamaica Bravo

Hold onto your chairs because this girl’s voice is about to knock your socks off. In the best cover of Elvis Presley’s popular song “Can’t Help Falling In Love” that has ever been sung, Juliana Chahayed, only 18 years old, will leave you speechless. Her singing is so warm, so full-bodied, so profoundly beautiful, that we had to hit replay the second the last note faded. We couldn’t help it — we’re in love — and you will be too.

Juliana Chahayed lives in Los Angeles, California, and was a contestant on American Idol in the show’s 12th season. Her talent was so impressive, and her ability to quickly develop and enhance her skills was so inspiring, that the judges kept her around until nearly the very end. Though she didn’t win, she placed in the top forty, and resolved that she wouldn’t give up.

After competing in the show, she continued with voice lessons and endeavored to hone her talent, searching for that sound of soul that would set her apart from the crowd of want-to-be famous musicians. As far as we’re concerned, she has undeniably found it, because this expressive rendition of Elvis’ hit classic makes our souls ache. At once, mournful and poignant, her haunting melody transmits us to another world. If her soulful crooning, which reminds us so much of Elvis’ own, doesn’t resonate with you on a level deeper than you can even describe, we will be shocked, because we simply cannot leave this page without pressing repeat just one more time. Call us fools, but we simply cannot stop ourselves.

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